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April 4, 2022

Why We Rebranded to "Brain Krafty" + Future Vision

Why We Rebranded to


Hello, and welcome to what is now called brain crafty with me, Helen Garcia. Yes. I know both the art and the name have changed. One of the reasons why I changed it is because saying the original name brains create makes it sound like brains. If you say it really fast and just for, you know, pneumonics and dialectical reasons saying brains, create the show just can lead to a lot of problems because some people, when hearing the title can put brains.

In the search engine and it just doesn't and for good distribution purposes. And I never want someone to look at it and think that just wasn't for them because they couldn't find it. So brain crafty is what the podcast is called and I'd think it's fun and cool. And I don't know, I thought it would be awesome to put a little bit of.

I catching artwork. You know, they say the color red reminds you of the stop when you're driving. And I think it's, it says a lot of my silly, silly personality, you know, I wanted to reiterate what the vision is for the show. I'm a big nerd with lots of questions. I really want to know how creative people stay healthy and not dead because we do a lot as creatives and most of us don't have enough money to hire a personal assistant.

So each Tuesday, my goal is to brew a hot cup of coffee and talk to fellow creatives about all things, creative process and how they stay healthy, their mental health. I invite you to join me in this new endeavor as we've rebranded the podcast art and the name. You know, as a person with half a decade of therapy with my own coaching business and you know, my own set of mental health training, being creative takes a lot of internal work.

And I, I remember starting out in radio and even starting out with a career in. You know, audio engineering, editing some people's podcasts in the past. It was really hard to deal with this imposter syndrome. Like who do I think I am advertising myself on the internet. I understand how much psychological torment it much.

It must take to promote yourself because. If you're listening to this chances are that you are creative first. And so the goal of this podcast is to attempt to discover patterns and the habits necessary to create with love, confidence, and strength, rather than fear. You know, it can be really hard. To move forward in the endeavor that you've set out to do when it's not something that you are sure about, you know, being creative, doesn't always lead to safety, which can be a problem for some people.

So that's the goal and intent of this podcast. I try to. Super real. And to get really real, I don't attempt to say things that I don't know how, but I will attempt to do my best and everything that I do to serve you because I consider. You the community of podcasters who continue to listen to brain crafty be special because you came first.

If you're listening to this right now, you know, you're the OJI, you are somebody that has been listening to this for, I guess in the two months that we've released it for two months. Thanks for being here. Thanks for listening to my short episode about why I rebranded and changed. Just wanted to address that if you're looking at this and you think, oh, it's a different name now.

Wonder why it changed. So thanks for listening. And I'll see you on Tuesday for the release of the new episode. All right. Sianora.