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Dec. 9, 2022

💡 “I used Rich Webster’s productivity system for 1 week”

💡 “I used Rich Webster’s productivity system for 1 week”

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Blog Post:

“I used Rich Webster’s productivity system for 1 week”

As a starting entrepreneur, it can be difficult to stay productive and on top of your many tasks. With so much to do and energy to channel, it can be overwhelming at times. However, there are tools available to help increase your productivity and make juggling your workload a lot easier. In this blog post, I'll share some of my favorite online tools to help increase your entrepreneurial productivity.

Tools that Benefitted Me:

* Loom.Com ($8/mo or $96/year)

* Screen Capture Recordings to save time scheduling meetings - can act as tutorials and updates to co-workers, masterclass presentations, and podcast recordings

* Notion (free)

* Create budgets, outlines, and proposals with this all-in-one platform. This software is completely free

* Boomerang for Gmail (free)

* (Optional) - Send auto-responder emails, communicating to senders to when you will respond to them

* Don’t get distracted by your inbox, software will “Pause” your inbox until you decide to unpause it

Results after 1 Week:

* Saved me 4.8 hours on meetings

* Published 2 podcast episodes in one week

* 5 writing submissions published (0-1 week prior) - newsletter, drafts at work, 2 podcast outlines

Lessons Learned:

* Know your weaknesses:

* After implementing these 3 tools, I realized that I spend a majority of my time in “busy work” - emails, Amazon, YouTube

* Set-up structures to protect from weaknesses:

* These producitivity systems made it “stupid easy” for me to get more work done in less time

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