Normal is overrated
Dec. 6, 2022

I didn't want to call myself a "quitter"

I didn't want to call myself a

I started a new podcast in March 2022, out of the desire to give listeners free access to mental health education through curated advice and guest episodes. But, after 3 months, I began to doubt myself. I allowed the doubt to consume my thoughts. I didn’t think I was enough…” who am I?” I thought…

Every time I listened to Lewis Howes, Mel Robbins, or Rich Roll, I felt a tug in my heart. The tug was the guilt of not doing what I had to do.

I was tortured by my own still-small voice:

“you know what you need to do. Why aren’t you taking action?”

So, I decided to take action. Here’s what I discussed:

* The Solution to Overthinking: Looking for Help

* Vulnerability

* Asking for Connections

* Internet Resources

* Effective Time Management

* Wasted Time

* More time, money, and resources creating solely with the purpose of creating ONE post on each platform

* New Post System

* Newsletter → Screen Record from Loom → Instagram → YouTube

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