Normal is overrated
April 20, 2022

Book Review: Keep Going by Austin Kleon

3 Key Points of Book:

  1. Creativity is Not linear - But Developing a Practice 
    1. Habits - Define what you spend your time on + “Do it amidst the chaos”
      1. The only thing we can control is what we spend our days on
      2. Pretend You are Starring on Your own version of Groundhog Day
    2. Have a Bliss Station 
      1. Definition - A dedicated place where you go technology-free / distraction-free
  2. Verb > Noun
    1. Do the verb, forget the noun (e.g. creative as a verb. Do more than say you are creative)
      1. Reflection - Beware of “online metrics as money”
        1. Instagram likes do not equal it staying with someone for a month
  3. Go on More walks to Destroy Art Monsters
    1. Keep a camera. Pen. Notebook when going on a walk
    2. Being an artist is not counting fame, but the act of ripening
      1. “It comes only to the patient. Learn it daily. Learn it with pain.” - Rainer Maria Rilke
  4. Like Hearted > Like-Minded 
    1. Find people with your same heart for love of the art > people who think like you (more boring)


7 More Points to Consider

  • Give yourself time to change and adapt to your different seasons. 
  • Get a feel for non-mechanical time
  • Watch the sunrise every day
  • Watch the moon every night 
  • Quick fame withers as quickly as they bloom. Be more interested in how people live in obscurity and live a happy life 
  • Learn how 90-year-olds can still ride their bikes and take pictures every day. 
  • find the thing that kept you alive and keep on doing it to make you last.


Food for thought - as we progress in life, we change our perceptions of ourselves. The goal, then, is to commit to activities that help you become the person you wish to becoming.