Normal is overrated
May 26, 2022

anti-burnout quest

I went on an "efficiency quest" this week and studied marketing, branding, and habit-formation books by James Clear, Jonah Berger, and Marty Neumeier. I discovered that the proclivity towards action requires concentrated goal setting. 

To thrive, I must focus on the bigger goal at hand and not compensate for smaller wins/achievements. 

Overconsumption of information does not always equate to efficiency. In fact, driving ourselves to overwork can lead to burnout. 

After watching keynotes from award-winning designer, Chris Do, I've discovered that the opposite of burnout is not confidence, but purpose

When I think of Purpose, I remember Mark Twain's words:

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

When we love what we do, the number of hours doesn't really matter as much as producing the best quality possible. 

7-figure business course creator and teacher Graham Cochrane has a similar take on this, where he asks his students the following question:

If you could read any magazine on a Saturday? What could you spend hours reading about? 

Some food for thought.