Normal is overrated


To the Weird Reader, 

This specially handcrafted letter is neatly polished and cared for to deepen my connection with you:


So happy you're here! 

If we've never met, I'm Helen. I'm a creative consultant, book nerd, writer, oldest child, and weird human

In 2021, I burnt out. I was tired, exhausted, and couldn't have fun at my job. So, I did something crazy — I deleted all of my social media platforms, became a hermit, and spent 6 months studying the lives of artists, musicians, healthy therapists, and entrepreneurs.

I created "Think Weird" because I wanted to give people permission to show up differently -  Imagine a world where we DON'T burn out but show up ready and passionate about the work we GET to do We don't have to reach burnout - we can show up 100% ourselves with reinvigorated energy every day

With experience working in radio, podcasting, and mental health, I am a worn-scribbled-in-notebook with tons of recyclable information! I seek to help first-generation women, like me, carry a royal posture of assured confidence. Hope this serves you!