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Think Weird

Think Weird

Think Weird wants to do what the Spice Girls did in the 90s - giving content creators the confidence to be weird and colorful.

You are meant to execute on a larger vision, not stay in the small shell of shyness that might be keeping you from your greater destiny.

We want to give creatives the courage to stand out & get paid to be different. We seek to foster a "worldwide weird society," by promoting conversation, community, and belonging among weird thinkers.
Disclaimer: not intended to be a substitute for clinical help, please refer to your individual therapist or supervisor as needed!

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The Price We Pay for the Art We Make

June 6, 2022

As artists, our work comes with a price...and this price includes: Facing Our Fears Undoing the Narrative of Perfection Taking Action over Analytical Consumption

Bonus: Think Weird Theme Song

June 2, 2022

Introducing the new Think Weird theme song written and performed by my sister, Marielle Garcia


3 Essential Traits to a Successful Creative Entrepreneur #HelensWeird

May 31, 2022

Today, I walk through the essential traits necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. Buy the SM57 (affiliate Link) Amazon: Buy the Arturia Minifuse 2 (affiliate link) Amazon:…


Muse Progress: Predicting Success thru Discouragement and Failure #HelensWeird

May 25, 2022

In this episode of "Think Weird", Helen discusses the "Discouragement Dip" (what it is, how to overcome it, and why I think multidisciplinary learning leads to self-mastery).


The Gift of Forgiveness & Rediscovery with Jeff Yeom, AMFT

May 18, 2022

His father's death sent Jeff Yeom to see his school counselor, where he felt comforted and seen despite undergoing immense trauma. After he decided to share, he couldn’t stop. Speaking openly, and forgiving abundantly allowe…


Helen's Weird: How to Repurpose Overthinking, Why Failure is a Success, and the "Think Weird" Rebrand

May 10, 2022

Helen sits down for a Solo episode to address the common question of "doing away with overthinking" - Helen discusses the function of overthinking, why we do it, and how to unlearn its repercussions. She also discusses why t…

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Maybe, maybe, now

The concept of "someday" can be misleading. It garners hope for us, the kind that makes us dream of what we could have...but the idea of could …


In a busy street, we often find our way home by focusing on the path to our chosen destination. The ancillary lights are insignificant when we keep our e…